Moorgen Training

To support our partners to best serve the customers, we
provide adequate training so that they are equipped with
the necessary knowledge and tools to determine the best
solution for every customer. Moorgen’s Herzborg Academy
delivers both online and offline smart home training
courses to our partners and industry professionals.
Those who pass the training will obtain a certificate
issued by Herzborg Academy.

Sales Tools

At Moorgen, we reach out to customers through effective
marketing. We provide marketing materials and sales tools
to our partners, from brochures to integrated demo kits
and small gifts. We confidently help our partners scale
and grow.

APP Download

Moorgen Smarthome app is a smart home control software
allowing users easy access and control of their smart
devices. The app features various functions like favor-
ites, rooms, scenes, timing, and automation. It lets use-
rs integrate smart technologies into all aspects of home
life and gives them extraordinary and complex capabilities
at their fingertips with just one touch.

Moorgen Smart APP
For Wired System

Moorgen Smart APP
For Wireless System

Video Download
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