Company Introduction

Borlle is a leading mart home and smart building brand Moorgen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in
2016, is a world-leading smart-home manufacturer and
solution provider. As of 2022, the company has over 1100
employees and covers an area of 65,000 square meters at
the Tsinghua Innovation Park in Ningbo. With self-dev-
eloped bus control, wireless control, and cloud techn-
ologies at its core, Moorgen has developed more than
1,200 smart products enabling local and remote visual
control. Our portfolio of more than 300 patents, cove-
ring technologies for smart AI touch screens, smart
panels, smart remote controls, and smart hosts, reflects
our leading position within the industry.

Moorgen's industrial design style emphasizes simplicity,
comfort, and elegance. The company’s world-leading ind-
ustrial design team ensures product designs enhance the
human experience. They have won numerous prestigious
international design awards, including the German Red Dot,
IF, American IDEA, and Japanese GOOD DESIGN, and achie-
ved the "Best of the Best" design award of the Red Dot
Prize. With innovative technologies and a commit- ment to
excellence, Moorgen continues to provide customers worl-
dwide with smart products and solutions of unmatched quality,
further enhancing our position in the global market.

Company Introduction

Borlle is a leading smart home brand for the international
market. Using its cutting-edge technology in the "Intern-
et of Things" (IoT), especially PLC-IoT technology, Borlle
has established a variety of complete, secure, and durable
solutions for different residential and commercial applica-
tions. Borlle has a professional support team dedicated to
providing product and solution design, deploying support for
partners, and helping resolve any marketing or technical
issues, adding growth value to all businesses.

Holfmann France
Company Introduction

Holfmann provides customers with high-quality products
that will improve their lifestyles. We advocate for a new
concept of space aesthetics and exploring art in everyday
life. The Sunshade series is Holfmann's core product. With
built-in smart control protocols, it integrates the world's
top fabrics resources to match various electric motors. It
provides the ultimate shade system and takes you to a new
level of artistic beauty.

Herzborg Germany
Company Introduction

Herzborg GmbH is a German IoT product company providing
innovative technologies for smart home and building systems.
The company's commitment to excellence offers high-quality
products, consistent solutions, and comprehensive customer
support, establishing its leading position in the global
market. Products and systems have obtained various interna-
tional certifications, including CE, VDE, TUV, UL, FCC,
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