Established in 2016, Moorgen has become the leading
smart home manufactory in the world. We have over
800 staff, with an area of 65000㎡. Using the self-
researched bus control and wireless control techno-
logy, we developed more than 2000 smart products
that can realize local and remote control. At pre-
sent, we already have over 300 patents, including
smart AI touch screen, smart panel, smart remote
control, smart host, etc., all being the industry'sleading.
Smart home products can memorize your usinghabits
through Moorgen AI smart algorithm MIA technology,
to make the real Moorgen smart home systems with
AI capacity.

With the world-leading industrial design group, we take
your using experience into consideration and design con-
cise, comfortable, and humanized products. We have many
products awarded a lot of international design awards,
including German Red Dot, IF, IDEA, GOOD DESIGN, and Best
of the Best. With our innovative technology and superior
solutions, we aim to provide you with high-quality and
comprehensive smart products that are easy to connect.
Outstanding quality, high reliability, and advanced tech-
nology make us lead the global market.

Design Excellence

Moorgen's industrial design style emphasizes simplicity, comfort, and elegance. The
company's world-leading industrial design team ensures products designed to enhance
the human experience and has won numerous prestigious international design awards,
including the German Red Dot, IF, American IDEA, and Japanese GOOD DESIGN.
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